Laser cutting: 
1 x Trumpf 6 kW
1 x Trumpf 24 kW TruLaser 5060 including automatization (operational as of 1st March 2024)

A maximum plate size of 6,000 mm x 2,000 mm applies to the lasers.
The maximum thicknesses that can be processed are: Steel 25 mm, stainless steel 20 mm and aluminium 12 mm.

1 x Bystronic Beyeler PR 10 800 IPC
1 x Bystronic Beyeler PR 150 IPC
1 x Bystronic Xpert 320
1 x Darley 500
1 x Darley 600

The maximum sheet length for press brakes is up to 7,200 mm, depending on the type and thickness of the material. The maximum pressing force is 800 tonnes.


2 x TIG welding machines
52 x MIG/MAG welding machines
1 x Spot Welder
1 x Valk Panasonic TL-2000WG III Welding robot (E-Frame)

2x Valk Panasonic TL-1800WG III Welding robot (H-Frame)


1 x Turbocharger TH1060-2K-2B
1 x T-200-K deburring machine


Stretching :
1 x TRM80/2000 with a maximum width up to 2000 mm


2 x Faro Edge measuring arm with a mobile laser scanner (Laser Line Probe)
1 x Wenzel RS PLUS 1615 3D measuring machine with a range of X:3000 Y:1500 Z:1350


Other operations:
Tapping, boring, welding edge preparation, assembly, etc.