The roots of VDL Staalservice date back to 1983 when Staalservice Weert was founded. Staalservice Weert was taken over by the VDL Groep in 1993 and our name was changed to VDL Staalservice in 2003.

The first activities consisted of simple operations such as cutting, setting and punching of sheet material. Over the years, several methods of cutting, such as oxyfuel and plasma cutting, have been added. In 1986 the first laser cutting machine was put into use, which was an advanced technique at the time. By means of these types of investments, we show that we constantly think along with our customers.

Since our foundation, we have experienced strong growth and are no longer the company of simple sheet metal working alone, but a company that can produce complete welding and mounting assemblies. In 1997 VDL Staalservice moved to its current location in Weert. The company now has several departments and our machinery has been expanded with operations such as: laser cutting, milling, setting, (robotic) welding and assembly. Thanks to our wide range of applications, we can proudly call ourselves a total supplier and we are a household name at home and abroad.