VDL Staalservice


VDL Staalservice has been part of the VDL Groep since 1993 and is located in Weert. As a supply company with approximately 100 employees, we specialise in sheet metal working and welded assemblies. In the processing and assembly of steel and non-ferrous metals we can rightly be called a "heavyweight". High tonnages and large formats are no problem for us. Whether it's single pieces or medium quantities.

We are a company that is experiencing strong growth and is constantly adapting to changes in the market. We have the right knowledge, which is necessary to meet the requirements and wishes of our customers. We have a highly qualified welding department, which is managed by our own International Welding Technologist (IWT). 


Thanks to our extensive experience in the various market areas, VDL Staalservice has been able to attract an enormous diversity of customers. To get an impression of the products and projects that we can realise, please refer to our projects page.


At VDL Staalservice we employ qualified professionals so that we can realise the requirements and wishes of our customers. We also have various certifications to support us in this. 


We are active in several market segments, among others: Machinery and Industry, Recycling and Environment, Transport, Defence and Offshore.

VDL Staalservice is also certified as an Accredited Training Company.

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us.