Project Boxer

The Boxer MRAV is a so-called MultiRole Armoured Vehicle with 8x8 wheel drive (the front 4 wheels are steerable) and it consists of 2 parts: the standardized driver module and one of the 8 mission-specific modules (from troop transport to combat). Furthermore, the vehicle is known for its high mobility, large loading volume and weight and the excellent ballistic protection of the occupants.

VDL Staalservice supplies an extensive range of armoured steel parts and welding assemblies for this vehicle (under the supervision of our own IWT) that serve to protect the occupants. A large number of these parts are, via partners, also provided with a special coating. VDL Staalservice is one of the few European suppliers that has experience in welding of armoured steel and therefore has a unique position as a partner for the various manufacturers within the European defence industry.