For several years VDL Staalservice has been producing parts for vehicles for defence customers from various countries within Europe. The parts can be produced from 'ordinary' steel, but it is also possible to manufacture them from special steels such as armour steel or armour-aluminium. A part can be a cut (laser or waterjet) product or a complete welding composition.

High demands are placed on the parts made of armour steel or armour aluminium that we produce for our defence customers. For example, the supplier must meet a number of conditions and be in possession of a number of certificates in order to be able to produce anything at all. In addition, each product made of armour steel or armour-aluminium must be accompanied by a certificate from the supplier of the sheet material.

The user of the military tracked or wheeled vehicle built with the mechanical assemblies from our factory must be able to rely on the pre-specified level of protection being guaranteed.

Our TL certifications in the field of armour steel processing in combination with our welding experience for armoured steel make us unique as a supplier in the defence market.

On the pictures below you can see some vehicles for which we have produced sheet metal and/or welded assemblies. 

If you are also active in the defence world, in whatever form, and you have questions about the possibilities VDL Staalservice can offer you, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales department.