Welding Assemblies

At VDL Staalservice, all common welding techniques are used to produce welded assemblies. At VDL Staalservice we use MIG / MAG welding for both robotic and manual welding. MIG / MAG welding ensures a constant welding speed and high quality of the weld.

Good welding work is essential for both the strength and the design of the composition. To guarantee this, VDL Staalservice has modern MIG / MAG welding equipment and highly trained professionals and operators who guarantee very accurate welding.

We are experts in the manufacture of welding assemblies from (armoured) steel, stainless steel and aluminium under the supervision of our own IWT. VDL Staalservice is one of the few European suppliers that has experience with welding of armoured steel and therefore has a unique position as a partner for the various manufacturers within the European defence industry.

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