Chemical Storage Vessel

In the world of refineries, chemical plants and power plants, there is often a need for temporary liquid storage in the form of renting an industrial tank that is installed on site and collected at the end of the rental period. Think of a 70 m3 tank for the storage of waste flows during maintenance work, storage of liquid for the testing of pipelines or as an intermediate buffer for the absorption of undercapacity in waste processing installations.

At VDL Staalservice we make the steel parts of these tanks and then they are assembled on site, under the supervision of our own IWT, by our certified welders into a single unit with a capacity of 70 m3 . Finally, the tank is tested for leakage. After our approval, the tank will be transported to our partner, who will provide it with a complete protective coating and coatings on both the inside and the outside. The tank is further assembled by our partner (e.g. stairs, wheels etc.) so that it is ready for use and can be transported to the location of the tenant. N.B. : These tanks are both NEN and TÜV certified.

This project is a perfect example of the possibilities that we as VDL Staalservice can offer our customers through our extensive network and good cooperation with various strategic partners. In this project, we were able to win the order of the end customer in this way.